At the Milwaukee Music Academy, we offer singing lessons, and a whole lot more!

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Voice Classes

For the beginner, intermediate, or advanced singer.  Specialties include but are not limited to: expanding your high range, expanding your low range, endurance training, and vocal power.

Guitar Classes: Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitar

For the total beginner, intermediate, advanced, or master player.  Genres include but are not limited to: classical guitar, jazz, rock, pop, blues, alternative, classic rock, folk, country, metal, nu metal, progressive metal, shred-metal, and neo-classical.

Piano/Keyboard Classes

For the beginner or intermediate pianist, or for those who want expand their horizons on the keyboard by learning & applying music theory.

Specialty Classes:

-Songwriting Classes

Learn what it takes to create great songs on your instrument!  This is not limited to piano and guitar.  For the vocalist, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to write killer vocal melodies and lyrics!

-Live Performance Classes

Get ready to start performing live, learn how to book gigs, fine-tune your performances with in-depth analyses of your songs, and more!

-Music Theory and Ear Training

Music theory made FUN, as we apply theory concepts to YOUR instrument, including those whose instrument is their voice!

-Improvisation Classes

Improvisation on your instrument, opening doors that you didn’t even know existed!

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