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“I've met a lot of really talented professionals, it's uncommon to find someone as professionally talented as Annie, who can also teach and communicate in a way that a student can understand.  She is nurturing and completely genuine, extremely dedicated, with great advice. I really look forward to my lessons!”

– Mike B.


“Name a favorite teacher and thank her. THANK YOU ANNIE B! Thank you for listening, taking me where I was at and encouraging me to stretch and grow. Thank you for helping me understand the importance of setting goals and visualizing success. You are the perfect combo of professionalism and fun. 

Annie B knows how to meet you where you're at in terms of your ability and skills. She builds on those skills, then challenges you to develop other areas where perhaps you felt weak or perhaps too insecure. No judgment, only positive support to grow and experiment with new ideas.”

– Deb S.


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