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Looking for RESULTS-BASED singing lessons in Greater Milwaukee?

We always take special precautions & actions to help stop the spread of any microorganisms, such as sanitizing keyboards, microphones, and other items in our teaching studios that may be shared between students after every lesson.


Becoming a great singer is possible for you, yet most people have a lot of false beliefs about their ability to become one

Many believe they...

  • Are tone-deaf

  • Can only sing in the shower; they don’t sing well anywhere else

  • Need “natural talent” to be an amazing singer; they just “don’t have what it takes”

  • Can only sing so high or so low; really high notes or really low notes are too hard or impossible to reach if you’re not born with that kind of vocal range

  • Vibrato is a natural/inborn thing; either you have it or you don’t

Maybe you’ve tried other vocal teachers, or just tried developing your voice on your own, with YouTube videos about breathing exercises and singing scales. And you find yourself still in the same spot… unable to sing with confidence, unable to consistently sing on pitch, and unable to reach those high notes without totally blowing out your voice (OUCH)!!

I Feel Your Pain!

You are not alone! I’ve felt like this myself,

and many students have felt like this too!

Many methods and teachers do not get you the results you seek for various reasons…

  • Instructors who know how to sing well, but don’t really know how to teach YOU how to sing as well as they do

  • Misunderstanding of what your real wants and needs are as a vocal student, and misguided learning for you as a student

  • Instructors who give bad advice, and spend a lot of lesson time doing it, like “use these lozenges,” or “drink warm tea.” Most teas are actually diuretics, which cause your body to lose water (VERY BAD FOR SINGERS) by stimulating frequent urination!

  • Inefficient teaching methods that lead to frustration because the student sees little or no improvement

  • Incorrect order of learning which causes the student to focus on the wrong thing at the wrong time

  • No guidance on how to practice at home, which can lead to a lack of results, and even worse, INJURY to the voice!

  • Too much confused information that doesn’t apply, which can lead to frustration and the feeling of wanting to give up!

Girl belting it into mic.jpg

But hey, Guess what?
There’s a better way… 
and you CAN become the singer you want to become!

Cheryl singing and playing guitar.jpg

Cheryl J.

"I’ve been working with Annie B for about the past 10-12 months training in both voice and guitar. Annie tailors my lessons to exactly what I need. She does her homework, too, and prepares lessons in advance. I’ve been playing guitar for many years and have been in a few bands singing backup vocals. I now have a larger variety of songs thanks to Annie - she has helped me increase my singing range significantly.

I highly recommend Annie B for your voice and guitar teacher - she’ll take the time to learn what you need and fine tune her lesson plans for you."

Kevin singing.jpg

Kevin M.


"An amazing experience and immediately beneficial.  My band mate and I had a rehearsal for a show coming up. I've been practicing what we worked on at home, and my band mate said he heard a difference. We did the song Annie and I worked on, and he said he'd never heard me sing it better.  


So if you're ready to get serious about developing your skill and have fun doing it along the way I recommend looking into what Annie has to offer."

Picture Yourself...

  • Singing your favorite songs, or songs YOU have written, with confidence, power, and ease

  • Landing the part in the musical theatre production you've always wanted, or getting accepted to your favorite college program for music studies

  • Feeling confidence and joy as you deliver a vocal performance that you know touches people

  • Having the techniques and tricks that allow you to sing like your favorite vocalists

  • Obliterating any obstacles or fears you have about singing as you pinpoint each hurdle and learn how to jump over it with confidence

  • Comfortably singing high notes that used to scare you

  • Reaching people’s hearts by delivering a powerful performance that turns heads

Patti -- singing with microphone.jpg

My name is Annie...

and I started out JUST LIKE YOU. I had dreams of becoming an amazing singer. I started singing on my own, and tried to emulate some of my favorite singers, thinking I could figure things out by myself. Friends and family criticized me for “singing notes that were out of my range.” I put my first band together, and at our first show, I totally BLEW OUT MY VOICE!

I finally realized I could go a lot further with some professional guidance. So I took singing lessons from various singing teachers and vocal coaches. Some of them really helped me, but some of them just wasted my time and money because they couldn’t teach me what I wanted and needed to learn… not because they couldn’t do it themselves, but very often because they didn’t really know HOW they were doing it themselves. As a result, they didn’t know how to teach SOMEONE ELSE (me!) how to do what they were able to do.

Vocal coach Annie B.jpg

Don’t let this happen to you!

Throughout my singing career, I’ve discovered techniques that WORK, and so-called “techniques” that DON’T work!

Then I started studying deeper the techniques that DO work, and sought out the reasons WHY they work… I asked myself, “What’s REALLY HAPPENING here, and can this be learned and taught to others?” 

I studied techniques that still I use myself today, in a world where I sometimes need to be able to belt it out several nights in a row, and sing with the SAME POWER and EMOTION every night, every time, in every song. These are the same techniques that MANY great singers of today use on a regular basis.

I’ve made sense of these techniques and how they work together, and I’ve found a path that makes learning how to sing inspiring, rewarding, and joyful… allowing singers of all levels to see and hear REAL RESULTS.

Seeing and hearing these results FIRST-HAND in my students is the most rewarding part about being a vocal coach! I want YOU to experience the same rewarding, inspired joy of singing!

Exciting News for All My Students and Potential New Students:

To help serve my students in reaching their full potential, I have recently become certified as a practitioner and coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which allows me to guide you on how to have the right mindset about your goals as a singer and/or musician, increasing the ability and speed with which you will reach your goals!  My studies as an NLP Practitioner & Coach with the USA's leading NLP and Coaching Certification training company were completed in the summer of 2023. 
I've also received training from a group of some of the top music teachers around the globe, and I continue to improve everything I do based on the best teaching techniques and ideas shared by the most successful music teachers on the planet! 
I'm constantly improving what I do to become a better teacher for YOU, provide better services to YOU, to help YOU get great results faster than any of my competitors!


I'm also featured as a top vocal teacher in Milwaukee on in 2021, 2022, and 2023, a website whose goal is to connect people with the best local experts.

130 Milwaukee Voice Teachers were scored on more than 25 variables across five categories, and the results were analyzed to give you a hand-picked list of the 7 best in 2023!

Are You Ready to…

  •  Learn the 3 most important things that every singer needs to give their best, most powerful and inspired vocal performance?

  •  Take your singing to the next level in the shortest amount of time, no matter if you’ve been singing for 10 years or 10 days?

  •  Learn the secrets of how to sing with a killer vibrato that will win over every heart in the room?

  •  Start the process of increasing your vocal range, both your high range AND your low range?

  •  Sing confidently with power and ease for several hours at a time, for several nights in a row? (This is what I do for a living!)

  •  Get help & inspired face-to-face coaching from a professional who sings for a living AND can TEACH YOU how to improve your singing using proven techniques that are used by today’s greatest singers?

  •  Begin the journey towards rock-solid confidence as a singer, every time you grab the microphone?

Don’t resign yourself to only singing in the shower, or allow your past frustrations to keep you from becoming the great singer you KNOW you can become! You can own the stage and show the world what you've got .... Take that first step right now to find out more, or set up your FREE intro/trial lesson!

Click on the Link Below to Explore How YOU Can Become The Singer You’ve Always Dreamed of!


Jacinda, vocal student from Milwaukee

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